Streets of Aleppo, Syria


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muslim women aleppo, syria

Muslim women wearing headscarves sitting down at a table at a falafel stand in Aleppo, Syria.

falafel sandwich syria

Delicious falafel sandwich. We ate these daily, they cost about fifty cents.

bread delivery bicycle aleppo

Delivery bicycle stacked with flat bread for sale in Aleppo, Syria.

streets of new aleppo

Busy streets in a newer neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria.

taxis syria

Taxis in Syria are actually very reasonably priced, as long as you don't get ripped off.

apartments and stores in aleppo, syria

Apartments above stores line the streets of Aleppo.

cab in traffic in syria

Busted cab leads the crazy traffic in Aleppo.

aleppo olive soap

Aleppo is famous for its olive soap, which is aged 2-8 years.

men taxi aleppo, syria

Men ride in taxis in Aleppo, Syria.

architecture old city aleppo

Balconies are typical in the architecture of the old city in Aleppo, Syria.

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