Amadiya and Dohuk, Iraq

Amadiya and Dohuk, Iraq Photos
    Amadiya and Dohuk, Iraq Pictures

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photo of iraqi man in buffalo bills hat

Iraqi man in Amadiya wearing a Buffalo Bills hat.

amadiya on cliff

The town of Amadiya on the cliffs of a mountaintop.

amadiya iraqi kurdistan

The town of Amadiya as seen from the snaking road below.

picture of snowy mountains of northern iraq

Snow capped mountains of Northern Iraq.

photo of wade, chaya and assyrian iraqi american

Wade, Chaya and an Assyrian American Iraqi man who lives in Chicago but returned to Amadiya to visit family.

Amadiya and Duhok Iraq Photos

picture of amadiya, iraq

The town of Amadiya on a plateau in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan.

cheap gara hotel in dohuk, iraq

Gara Hotel, a cheap hotel in Dohuk, Iraq.

photo of sign for gara hotel in dohuk

Sign for Gara Hotel in Dohuk, Iraq.

iraqi men in streets of dohuk

Iraqi men walk on the streets of Dohuk.

trucks on the roads in iraq

Trucks full of goods and materials on the roads of Iraq.

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