Amadiya and Mountains of Northern Iraq


Amadiya and Mountains of Northern Iraq Photos    Amadiya and Mountains of Northern Iraq Pictures

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picture of mountains and fields in northern iraq

Mountains above the green countryside in Northern Iraq.

amadiya on a plateau iraq

The town of Amadiya on a plateau in Iraqi Kurdistan.

amadiya iraqi kurdistan

Amadiya must be one of the most spectacular locations for a town.

amadiya in mountains of iraq

Amadiya on a hill in the mountains of Iraq.

photo of streets mountain town of amadiya

Small streets of the mountain town of Amadiya.

Amadiya Northern Iraq Photos

view from backyard in amadiya

View from the backyard of a home of Amadiya.

picture of mountains in amadiya northern iraq

Mountains as seen from Amadiya, Northern Iraq.

mountains and countryside of northern iraq

Mountains and countryside of Northern Iraq.

fence backyard amadiya iraq

View from the fenced in backyard of a kind Iraqi woman in Amadiya.

photo of mountains and hills of iraqi kurdistan

Mountains and hillsides of Iraqi Kurdistan.

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