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Hungary Travel Photos

Hungarian food: langos. These are chunks of fried dough that have garlic, cheese, and sauce on them.

Flyer for a punk rock show in Hungary.

Cool looking Hungarian woman in the streets of Gyor.

Chubby Hungarian woman in typical summertime clothes in Gyor.

Hungarian woman in a short skirt.

Hungarian cuisine is influenced both by the history of the Magyar people and by the environment found in the Carpathian basin when the Magyars came from western Asia and settled in the late 800s. At the time of the invasion, the basin was populated mainly by Slavs and Avars. The importance of livestock is apparent in the prominence of meat in Hungarian food. The nomadic lifestyle of the Magyars may be reflected in the many dishes cooked over the fire, like the dish called today goulash (or gulyás in Hungarian)[2], as the old name gyulyas hus literally means "herdsman's meat". From

Hungarian food: vegetables.

Hungarian potatoes.

Hungarian man buying vegetables at the market in Gyor.

Tomatoes and peaches- Hungarian food.

Hungarian women talking on cell phones and standing in the streets with a man walking in front of them.

Hungary Travel Photos

Hungarian Food and Women Photos

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