Tourist attractions in Bratislava, Slovakia


Tourist attractions in Bratislava, Slovakia Photos    Tourist attractions in Bratislava, Slovakia Pictures

The following photographs are from my travels across Slovakia by bicycle to Bratislava in the summer of 2008.

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Sign at the border leading into Slovakia from the Czech Republic. It think I probably crossed this bridge a half dozen times.

Sign leading into Bratislava. After riding my bicycle for 100 kilometers, this was a relief.

The worst Kebab ever. It has no meat! Purchased at McKebab in Bratislava. Do not go there. I found eating in Bratislava to be a chore, and was ripped off on multiple occasions during my one night stay. Scrappers abound. 

McKebab in Bratislava, which could possibly serve the worst kebabs in the world. I do not know why this surprises me.

Photo of Slovak people and tourists in the streets of Bratislava.

Bratislava - capital and the largest city of Slovakia with a beautifully restored historical centre full of gothic and baroque churches, renaissance and baroque houses and palaces, cobblestone streets, fountains, pleasant cafes and lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city has two castles: Bratislava castle which is the main sight and symbol of the city and Devin medieval castle lying on the confluence of the river Morava and Danube.

An eerie twilight through the ancient old buildings of Bratislava. The architecture of Slovakia is one of the major tourist attractions.

Another photo of twilight in Bratislava. "Orange at night, sailors delight. Orange at morning, sailors take warning." The next day was good riding.

Old architecture in Slovakia. The buildings here are one of the major tourist attractions.

More old European buildings in Bratislava.

Dusk in Bratislava over the tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions in Bratislava, Slovakia Photos

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