Usumacinta River Mexican Guatemalan Border


Usumacinta River Mexican Guatemala Border Photos    Usumacinta River Mexican Guatemala Border Pictures

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I took these photographs when I traveled by Usumacinta river across the border between Mexico and Guatemala in the spring of 2008. It was a pretty straight forward crossing and the customs procedure was without difficulty.

Passenger boats on the Usumacinta River which makes up part of the border between Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico.

Motor boats in dock on the Usumacinta River. This is where you are taken to go through Mexican customs when you are entering from Guatemala.

Mexicans at the border.

Man in Palenque, Mexico with a good sombrero.

Religious ornaments in Mexico.

Huge Mexican pineapples.

Flowers for sale in the city of Palenque.

Restaurant in Palenque, Mexico.

Cowboy hats and sombreros for sale in Palenque in Chiapas.

Lady the Tramp wearing a large sombrero.

Usumacinta River Mexican Guatemala Border Photos

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