Pyramids at Tikal Guatemala


Pyramids at Tikal Guatemala Photos    Pyramids at Tikal Guatemala Pictures

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The following images were taken in the spring of 2008 during my travels between the archaeology sites of Central America.

Mayan ruins at Tikal in Guatemala.

Lady the Tramp in front of a pyramid at Tikal.

A nice tree inside of the Tikal archaeology park.

Unexcavated ruins at Tikal.

Stairway to the top of a pyramid at Tikal.

The main plaza of the Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala.

Another photo of the main plaza.

The perilous steps that lead up the Tikal Pyramids. I could not believe that they let tourists walk up them. I am surprised that more tourists do not fall off of them into oblivion.

My Carhartt boot in front of a pyramid at Tikal. I also published this photo on Traveler making a joke about the Carhartt people finding it and giving me free boots and pants in exchange for me taking these photographs. Well, the Carhartt people did find this photo and said that they do not any spokespeople. (at least they found it haha)

Another photo of my Carhartt boot at Tikal.

Pyramids at Tikal Guatemala Photos

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