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Roman Ruins in Nimes France Photos    Roman Ruins in Nimes France Pictures

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The following photographs were taken in the south of France in the winter of 2007. They are of the castle wall fortifications of a small village, Muslims selling vegetables in the market, a mill wheel, a Roman stone penis, Montpellier, and the Roman ruins of Nimes.

This is what the French do to their castles: they use them as they would any other thing in the world.

A mill wheel in rural France.

A broken Roman penis in a museum in Nimes, France.

Mira giving a kiss to a very large stone penis in a museum in Nimes.

A French market: plenty of vegetables fruit, and eggplant.

The Roman ruins in Nimes, France date back to 26 BC, and was called the colony of Namausus. Augustus later made the city the capital of Narbonne province when long ramparts and many towers were placed around it. Soon ancient Nimes was attacked by barbarians.

Muslims selling fruits and vegetables at a market in rural France.

The old buildings of Montpellier, France. This city has an interesting feel. Lady the Tramp and I hitch-hiked here from Anduze and slept outside through the night and froze. Winters in France are cold.

Photograph of French people at a second hand market in the outskirts of Montpellier, France.

Roman ruins. An amphitheater in Nimes, France.

Roman ruins. A forum in Nimes called the Maison Carree.

Roman Ruins in Nimes France Photos

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