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The following photographs were taken in rural France in the winter of 2007. They are of a snow covered bamboo grove, view from a French castle, a very old and small village, and the country side of the south.

A bamboo grove in France.

The view of Anduze from a hole in the wall of a castle in France.

A old French bell tower in Anduze.

Typical rural French village.

The white cliff of southern France.

The countryside of rural France is a wonderful place for hiking. There are plenty of wine vineyards and orchards. I did a lot of walking here in the mild winter of the south.

The village of Anduze from the top of the mountain that rises directly behind it.

Slits in the side of a building for pointing out a gun and shooting.

Old France in photographs.

The multicolored homes that stand eave to eave with each other in Europe.

Homes in rural France.

Rural France Photos

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