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The following travel photographs were taken in 2008 in the Central Highland region of Costa Rica. This was my second trip to this country provoked by outside circumstances.

Store and dentist office in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

The Costa Ricans live in cages. I am not joking; every house in the cities and large towns are surrounded in cast iron fences.

Costa Rican people. Lady has her hand touching her boob. Maybe she keeps money in her bra?

A jeep in Costa Rica.

A nice river in the Costa Rican countryside. The mountains and rivers of this country are incredibly beautiful . . .I cannot say much for the cities.

The outskirts of Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Ticos walking around in Turrialba.

The bus terminal of Turrialba. I do not know why I came here; the Lonely Planet said that it was nice, and I found that it was not.

Young bananas on a plant in Costa Rica.

An odd game of basketball during a parade in Heredia.

Costa Rica Photos

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