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Flora of Costa Rica Photos    Flora of Costa Rica Pictures

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Tourist in bathing suits writing poetry at a waterfall in Costa Rica near Uvita.

Banana plants or flowers in Central America.

A waterfall in Costa Rica near Uvita. Swimming in its waters was really refreshing.

Banana flower with small fruit growing wild in the Costa Rican countryside.

The mountains of the Central American countryside. There is nothing here and it is nice.

These photographs were taking on my second trip to Costa Rica, and are of the country's amazing flora: banana plants, large leaves, and other flowers.

Rock carving at the Guayabo archaeology site in Costa Rica.

Leaf that was eaten through by leaf cutter ants.

Lady the Tramp hiding under a large leaf at the Guayabo archaeology site in Costa Rica. There are plenty of interesting plants and other flora in this country. I suppose this is why so many people come here.

A beautiful Costa Rican flower. The flora of this country is amazing.

Costa Rican truck driver.

Flora of Costa Rica Photos

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