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Uvita Costa Rica Photos    Uvita Costa Rica Pictures

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The wild grasses of the Costa Rican countryside.

A crowded road in Costa Rica.

An inside pocket sewn inside of a pair of pants to keep valuables in. This is a good way to carry money while traveling.

An abandon US cargo plane that was abandon in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica when the Iran-Contra affair came to light. This plane has now been converted into a bar.

Lady the Tramp taking a photo of a Japanese traveler. He says that of all of the countries that he has traveled to in Central America that he likes Guatemala the best. I think he had a good hat.

The roofs of Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Hand-made jewelry for sale near the beach of Uvita.

The countryside.

A great road for walking that leads to the beach of Uvita in Costa Rica.

The flora of Costa Rica is stunning. This plant is growing into the tropical sun in the morning.

Uvita Costa Rica Photos

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