Hangzhou China Tea Farms


Hangzhou China Tea Farms Photos    Hangzhou China Tea Farms Pictures

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The following photographs were taken in 2006 on my travels through China of that year. They are of bars in Hangzhou, Longjing Dragon Well tea fields, Chinese women, Wade playing with Chinese tea, and people in the streets of Hangzhou.

Longjing tea fields near Hangzhou, China.

Two Chinese women looking alike as they learn about how to pick tea.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com playing with Longjing Dragon Well Tea.

The Chinese characters for mugwort. For Ethan.

American born Chinese girl and midget playing pool in a bar in Hangzhou, China.

Tea in China plays a big role in the country's culture and history. According to Chinese legend, tea was invented by the Emperor Shen Nung in the third millennium BC. Throughout China's history with tea, it has been used in religious offerings, eaten as a vegetable, and, in the Han Dynasty, began boiling it in water.

Dancing Chinese midget in a bar in Hangzhou, China.

American born Chinese girl plotting her next move in a bar in China.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com showing off his tattoos in China in 2006.

Chinese people picking out head lice in the streets of Hangzhou.

Chinese family walking down the streets of Hangzhou, China.

Hangzhou China Tea Farms Photos

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