Longjing Dragon Well Tea in China


Longjing Dragon Well Tea in China Photos    Longjing Dragon Well Tea in China Pictures

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Fishermen limply trying to catch fish in a canal in Hangzhou, China.

The great West Lake with the city of Hangzhou rising beyond.

Chinese band playing music at a bar in Hangzhou, China.

My bicycle when I was studying Chinese at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou in 2006.

The Longjing - Dragon Well - tea fields outside of Hangzhou, China.

Longjing Cha or Dragon Well Tea is a famous type of tea from the Hangzhou region of Zhejiang province. It is mostly hand picked by peasants from neighboring Anhui province. Once harvested the leaves of the tea are pan fried and then processed prior to being sold. There are tea shops all over Hangzhou which sell the Longjing tea that is grown in the surrounding fields.

Tea farmer in China.

The fields of Longjing Dragon Well Tea outside of Hangzhou.

Justin O'Jack talking about tea in China.

Wade from Vagabond Journey picking Longjing tea at a farm near Hangzhou.

A tea farm in China.

Longjing Dragon Well Tea in China Photos

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