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Tiantai Mountains of China Photos    Tiantai Mountains of China Pictures

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I took the following travel photographs in China during 2006. They are of the Tiantai mountains and its temples, valleys, and villages.

Arhat leading the way into the Tiantai - Heavenly Terrace - mountains of China.

Waterfall in the Tientai mountains.

The thousand arms of Kuan-Yin at the Guoming Temple deep in the Tiantai Mountains of China.

Ruins of what could have been a hermit's hut in an abandoned valley in the Tiantai - Heavely Terrace - mountains of China.

A hermit hut that actually has a hermit living in it. I was in these mountains to find the poet Han Shan. i may have found him, but I did not want to disturb his solitude.

The Tiantai (Tientai) Mountains of China are in Zhejiang province, and was the place were the Tiantai sect of Buddhism originated. These are the mountains where the zen lunatic hermit poet Han Shan - Cold Mountain - took refuge.

Carvings on a wooden bridge across a river in the Tiantai Mountains.

Beautiful valley in the Tientai mountains of Zhejiang province.

Grass longhouses deep in the mountains of China.

A grass longhouse village in the Tiantai mountains.

Another photo of grass longhouse village in the mountains of China.

Tiantai Mountains of China Photos

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