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I took the following travel photographs in China in 2006. They are of people dredging the Grand Canal for artifacts in Suzhou, the Han Shan Temple, sunset over the Grand Canal, bicycles in Hangzhou, and Arhats in the TianTai mountains.

Backhoes on barges dredge the soil of the Grand Canal in China for artifacts to be sold to tourists.

Chinese people at the Han Shan temple of Suzhou.

Searching the depths of the Grand Canal of China for artifacts.

Sunset over the Grand Canal of China

Bicycles crowd the streets of Hangzhou during morning rush hour.

The Grand Canal of China - or Da Yunhe in Chinese - stretches from Beijing to Hangzhou, and is the largest canal in the world at 1,770 kilometers. It was built in the fifth century BC, but was not put together as a cohesive passageway until the Sui Dynasty of the sixth century. It is still used today by cargo ships and passenger boats.

The full bicycle lanes of Hangzhou during the morning rush hour.


I do not know what this is. It looks to me like some kind of dried noodle, but I watched it being harvested out of a field. I am clueless. Photo taken in Tiantai, China.

Drying noodle plants at night in Tientai, China.

A golden Arhat in front of a temple in Tiantai on a path leading into the mountains.

Arhats greeting visitors into the TianTai - the Heavenly Mountains - of China

Grand Canal in Suzhou China Photos

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