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West Lake Hangzhou China Photos    West Lake Hangzhou China Pictures

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The following travel photographs were taken in China in 2006. They are of West Lake in Hangzhou, Chinese Buddhist temples, and the Grand Canal at Suzhou.

Beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou, China.

Trendy Chinese youth with blue hair going for a walk by West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Chinese couple frolicking by West Lake.

Boat tours of West Lake, China.

Temple pagoda in Hangzhou, China.

West Lake - known as Xi Hu in Chinese - lays in Zhejiang Province with the city of Hangzhou stretching all around it. There are parks on its east side and the city on the west. There are plenty of temples that hug the banks of West Lake as well as hiking trails and bamboo forests.

Girl eating skewered camel meat at the odd foods market in Hangzhou, China. At this section of the market you can eat baby chickens, an entire collection of insects, snakes, and pretty much anything else that moves.

Steps in the mountains around Hangzhou, China.

Bridge over the Grand Canal in China.

Another photo of a bridge over the Grand Canal in Suzhou, China  for Stubbs.

Back hoe on a barge digging up the soil at the bottom of the Grand Canal for artifacts to sell to tourist in Suzhou, China.

West Lake Hangzhou China Photos

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