China Qingdao Beach Suzhou West Lake Hangzhou


China Qingdao Beach Suzhou West Lake Hangzhou Photos    China Qingdao Beach Suzhou West Lake Hangzhou Pictures

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The beach at Qingdao, China. Many Chinese people crowd this beach wearing the same clothes that they wear in the city.

Chinese people playing on the rocks of the beach at Qingdao. The Tsingtao beer brewery is in the background.

Playing in the water on the coast of China.

Chinese people in business suits and slacks on the beach.

A couple posing for wedding photos on the beach of Qingdao. In China it is common for couples to take wedding photos for the entire year prior to actually getting married.

These travel photos were taken around China in 2006 and 2007. They are from my travels in Qingdao, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou.

Lady the Tramp taking photos of a Chinese soldier at the gates to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Han Shan Temple in Suzhou, China.

Pagoda for a temple in Suzhou.

Chinese man flying a kite over West Lake in Hangzhou.

Passenger boats on West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

China Qingdao Beach Suzhou West Lake Hangzhou Photos

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