Jade Emperor Peak Mount Tai China


Jade Emperor Peak Mount Tai China Photos    Jade Emperor Peak Mount Tai China Pictures

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I climbed up Tai Shan in the summer of 2007, along with thousands of Chinese pilgrims. The route to the summit of Jade Emperor Peak is lined with temples, little path side booths selling snacks and refreshments, and Chinese people wanting to take pictures with me.  

The crowded stairs on the path up Mount Tai in China.

Lady the Tramp making her pilgrimage up the most holy mountain in China.

Chinese tourist making the ascent of Tai Shan.

Locks on an incense burner on the way to the summit of Jade Emperor's peak on Mount Tai. 

Hotels, shops, and thousands of Chinese pilgrims near the top of Tai Shan.

Jade Emperor Peak on Mount Tai is the holiest of Taoist pilgrimage destinations in China. For over three thousand years Taoist pilgrims have journeyed up to this peak. Now thousands of Chinese visit Jade Emperor Peak daily, making Tai Shan the most climbed mountain in the world. There are 7,200 stairs that lead to the eastern summit, and there are many ancient temples to visit on this route. Mount Tai is a world heritage site and is the holiest of Taoism's Five Sacred Mountains.

Chinese tourist on Tai Mountain.

Lady the Tramp looking beautiful on Tai Shan.

Chinese backpackers who climbed up Tai Mountain.

A temple on the summit of Tai-Shan, the holiest of Taoist mountains in China

The view from Jade Emperor peak on Tai Shan.

Jade Emperor Peak Mount Tai China Photos

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