Visit to Tai Shan Mountain in China


Visit to Tai Shan Mountain in China Photos    Visit to Tai Shan Mountain in China Pictures

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The following photos are from Mount Tai Shan in Shandong Province of China. It is the holiest of all mountains in the country and pilgrims have been climbing up its slopes for over three thousand years. I took my pilgrimage in 2007, and climbed the mountain with thousands of Chinese people.

Chinese kid on the banks of the river at the base of Tai Mountain.

"Be a nice tourist" on the holy mountain of Tai Shan.

The mountains on the hike up Tai Shan in China.

Chinese women taking a break in this stone pagoda.

Chinese kid playing in the river that goes around the holy Taoist mountain.

Mount Tai Shan is in northeastern China in Shandong province. It is 1545 meters high and occupies an area of 426 kilometers. The climb to Jade Emperor peak at the summit of the mountain takes a few hours from the bottom. Most tourist take shuttle buses two thirds of the way up the mountain, and only walk the most vertical stretch to the top. The nearest town to the main trailhead is called Tai'an, and there are plenty of hotels and restaurants there to sleep and dine in.

Old ruins near Tai Shan in north eastern China.

A farmer's hut built over his fields in the Chinese countryside.

A small temple off the trail up Tai Shan Mountain.

An abandoned temple complex in China.

Chinese tourist buying umbrellas and souvenirs on Tai Shan.

Visit to Tai Shan Mountain in China Photos

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