Tai Shan Mountain China


Tai Shan Mountain China Photos   Tai Shan Mountain China Pictures

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Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in the outback of Mongolia.

A street-side meat market in Shanghai, China.

Naked woman without pants in a painting in China.

Spam meat in a train station supermarket in China.

Mira drinking Chinese fire-water liquor from a squirt bottle.

Carved stones from Tai Shan, the holiest mountain in China.

Old folks from the consonancy hospital. I hope they were able to hold it on this trip, or this may be a smelly bus.

Souvenirs for sale on the walk up Tai Shan in China. Mira and I even bought shirts that say, "I climbed Tai Mountain."

Paths around the base of Tai-Shan.

Chinese family by a river near Tai Shan.

Tai Shan Mountain China Photos

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