Food in Guatemala at the Chichicastenango Market


Food in Guatemala at the Chichicastenango Market Photos    Food in Guatemala at the Chichicastenango Market Pictures

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The following travel photographs are from the Guatamalan market of Chichicastenango in the spring of 2008. They are of Guatemalan food, a girl selling live turkeys to be made into food, Mayan men and women carrying baggage on their heads, and bees swarming a fruit juice vendor.

Girl at the Chichicastenango market who tried to sell me a live turkey for five quetzales, which is only around 80 cents. I could not believe that anything alive could cost this little, so I questioned her about it a dozen times. Yes, she kept telling me, one turkey for five quetzales. If I were to purchase a small slice of one of these turkeys as food, the price would be at least three times the whole, live fowl. I am still skeptical that this was the real price. 

Guatemalan food at Chichicastenango on market day. Fried chicken, tortillas, rice, and vegetables makes for a good meal.

A blue flour tortilla with rice. Food in Guatemala seems to be really basic and good.

Guatemalan woman with stuff on her head. I do not know if there is a particular anthropological term for the hauling of baggage on top of ones head, other than "carrying stuff on the head."

Bees in Guatemala are attracted to sweets in droves. This fruit juice stand had hundreds upon hundreds of bees eating everything. I do not know if the juice vendors welcome such an intrusion or if they have just given up trying to make them go away.

The Chichicastenango market lays under a hundred miles from Guatemala City and two and a half hours from Antigua. The big market takes place on every Thursday and Sunday, and there is a large amount of Mayan art, clothing, and Guatemalan food for sale.

Lady the Tramp looking for traditional Guatemalan clothing to buy at the Chichicastenango market.

Guatemalan man carrying a large yellow crate on his shoulders. Well, at least he is not hauling his load on his head.

Mother with a baby in a papoose. The papoose seems to be the main way of hauling a child in Guatemala.

Woman carrying a bundle on her head at the Chichicastenango market in Guatemala.

Traditional Mayan textiles, clothes, and fabrics for sale at the market in Chichicastenango.

Food in Guatemala at the Chichicastenango Market Photos

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