Market Day Chichicastenango Guatemala


Market Day Chichicastenango Guatemala Photos    Market Day Chichicastenango Guatemala Pictures

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Guatemalan woman preparing food in the Chichicastenango market.

The busy aisles of the Chichicastenango market in Guatemala. It is very difficult to move down the slender passageways as they are clogged full of Mayan women with large bundles, bags of chickens, and anything else imaginable, and men hauling heavy crates and boxes. 

The steps leading up to the church where many Guatemalans and tourist take a short break from the crowds. This church is four hundred years old and is called Santo Tomas. It is built on top of an ancient Mayan structure and each of the 18 steps stand for one month of the Mayan calendar.  

Guatemalan men selling grain in Chichi, as the market is informally called.

Sitting on sacks of sugar, two Guatemalan men watch the crowds of Chichicastenango pass on market day.

The market at Chichicastenango is said to be the biggest in all of Guatemala. I am not so sure about this, but, none the less, it takes place on Thursdays and Sundays and is only two and a half hours outside of Antigua. Sold at this market are traditional Mayan clothing, machetes, handicrafts, raw pom and copal, which are indigenous incense, chickens, turkeys, Guatemalan food, tortillas, and lime for making tortillas.

Tools of Guatemala, or hand made unusable stuff for tourists. You decide.

Fancy, artistically decorated machetes for sale in the Chichi market. I was looking for a good machete, but these ones seemed to be more for decoration than anything else.

Boy in the Chichicastenango Market of Guatemala.

Guatemalan Mayan girl selling coffee pots in Chichi.

Young boy reading the newspaper amongst various wares on market day in Chichicastenango.

Market Day Chichicastenango Guatemala Photos

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