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The following travel photographs are from Antigua, Guatemala, and were taken in the spring of 2008. They are of different types of transportation in Guatemala, and feature a home made race car, a dirt bike, an ice cream truck, a tourist shuttle van, a two wheeled cart, and two photos of trucks transporting soda pop.

A homemade racecar in Antigua, Guatemala.

The air swoop of a racecar in Guatemala. It is not really a functioning piece of equipment, as it is just a piece of sheet metal that is riveted to the car's hood.

The makeshift numbers on the racecar.

Dirt bikes in Guatemala. Motorcycles are an optimum means of transportation in Guatemala.

An ice cream truck in Antigua, Guatemala. I suppose this is how ice cream is transported.

The transportation in Guatemala is highly varied. There are public buses and tourist shuttle vans which carry people, large trucks that carry goods, and other vehicles such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, mopeds, cars, and bicycles which people use to transport themselves to other places.

A tourist shuttle in Antigua. I suppose this is how tourists are transported in Guatemala.

A drunk man sleeping in the streets. I do not think that any form of Guatemalan transportation could move this guy.

A two wheeled cart that transports snacks, candy, and soda pop.

A truck hauling soda pop and a moped hauling a Guatemalan.

Another picture of a truck transporting Coca-Cola and other refreshments in Guatemala.

Transportation in Guatemala Photos

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