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I recorded the following images in Panama in the spring of 2008 during my travels in Central America of that year.

Pension Las Torres hotel in Panama City. It is the cheapest place to stay in town, but you may need some earplugs: many Panamanians go here to have loud sex. Notice the bushes in front of the door that allow for private entry. I cannot say that it is a boom-boom hotel, but it seems to be a place that people use for sex in Panama City. But this is how many cheap hotels function in Central America, as people can rarely find the privacy to copulate in their own homes.

Pension Las Torres cheap hotel in Panama CIty.

Styled bus in Panama City. These painted public buses are amusing to the point where you sort of forget that they are belching black smoke into the air and driving like maniacs.

Painted public bus in Panama City. The standard bus far is a quarter to go anywhere along the route.

Newspaper vender in Panama City.

The hotels and food of Panama City are surprisingly cheap. You can get a double room here for around $10 to $12 and meals for only a dollar. The public buses also only cost twenty five cents per ride, and they are a really fun way of getting around the city.

Panamanian food- a cold hard boiled egg, fried bread, smushed and fried plantains, and a hardly identifiable piece of chicken. This meal is good, as it only costs a dollar.

People of Panama City.

Streets of Panama City. This city must be the gem of all capital cities of Central America. It is a gool place.

Old home for sale in Casco Viejo, Panama.

Restored steeple in Casco Viejo.

Panama City Cheap Hotel and Food Photos

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