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The following images were recorded in Panama in the spring of 2008 during my travels in Central America of that year.

The tower of Old Panama Viejo. This is where I was caught for entering ticket-less and had to run away. How could I pay to preserve what the pirates set out to destroy?

Setting up for some concert in Panama Viejo.

Old wall of Old Panama.

The trees still grow at Panama Viejo. Up until recently, when it was made a UNESCO World Heritage site, there were still squatters living in the ruins of Old Panama.

The crumbling fortifications of Panama Viejo - not the soccer football team the city - that were sacked by pirates.

The ruins of Panama Viejo, which are now a Unesco World Heritage Site are a great place to go in Panama City. Just take an Ave. Balboa bus east along the coast away from Casco Viejo and soon you will arrive at the ruins of Old Panama. Admission is now $5, but students can enter for $3. Or you can just jump the fence likea a pirate. I assume that the entrance fee is a result of this site being preserved by UNESCO.

The tower of Old Panama escaped the attacks of Henry Morgan and his band of pirates.

Drinking out of a coconut while being chased by police with machine guns, Vagabond Journey Pato made his get away from entering Panama Viejo without a ticket. Could a pirate enter any other way?

The walls of an old church in Old Panama.

Panama City Hostel in the business district.

Edificio Lumalero is where there is a cheap hostel in Panama City.

Old Panama Viejo Photos

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