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Panama Beach Playa Gorgona Hotel Photos    Panama Beach Playa Gorgona Hotel Pictures

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The following images were taken in Panama in the spring of 2008 during my travels in Central America of that year. 

Hammocks at the Virgen de Carmen Hotel in Playa Gorgona, Panama.

The yard of the Playa Gorgona hotel.

Dog in Panama.

Hospedaje Virgen del Carmen hotel in Playa Gorgona, Panama.

Motor boats pulled up on the beach at Playa Gorgona, Panama.

Panama is a country in Central America which borders Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the east. It is full of beaches and coastlines. Good swimming and plenty of people on the beach.

Fishing boats in Panama.

The beach and the Pacific ocean.

The morning tide coming in to the coast of Panama.

Panamanians playing on the beach in the early morning.

Ancient structure of Old Panama.

Panama Beach Playa Gorgona Hotel Photos

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