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Barbary ape eating on Gibraltar.

Macaques sleeping on top of the rock of Gibraltar. They just sit around getting their photos taken all day long. I must say, they are splendidly photogenic.

Family of Gibraltar macaque monkeys on the Barbary Coast.

Gibraltar's cave dwelling Barbary Apes are the only free roaming monkeys in Europe. Well, besides the Europeans (this is a joke).

Barbary ape eating on Gibraltar.

Barbary macaque posing serenely on Gibraltar.

Macaque looking out on the city and sea below.

Barbary ape looking board. All of these monkeys appeared to have been sedated. They just sat around getting their pictures taken.

Rock monkey of Gibraltar.

Barbary ape looking out over what his fellow primates made a mess of down below.

Barbary Apes Monkeys Gibraltar Photos

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