Ometepe Volcanoes Maderas Conception Nicaragua


Ometepe Volcanoes Maderas Conception Nicaragua Photos    Ometepe Volcanoes Maderas Conception Nicaragua Pictures Travel Blog
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I took these photographs during the summer of 2006 while traveling through Central America with Erik the Pilot. They are of the Maderas and Conception volcanoes of Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

Rowboat on the shores of Lake Nicaragua on Ometepe Island.

Erik the pilot armed with a camera against monkeys. They like to pee on him, yell, and throw sticks. Erik the Pilot just takes their photographs.

The crater lake at the summit of a Maderas volcano on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

Vagabond Journey Wade after climbing up the Maderas volcano from the Finca Magdalena in a torrential rain storm.

The view from part way up the Maderas volcano on Ometepe Island.

Looking out from Volcan Maderas I jumped up and down to keep going and a hung over Erik the Pilot groan and lamented his fate. This was our splitting up point. He went to the bottom, I went to the top.

Volcan Conception at dusk, rising high out of Lake Nicaragua.

A pretty wandering Jew. We had met earlier in Costa Rica and then found each other again by chance on Ometepe.

Erik the pilot and I celebrating our travels.

Colonial architecture of Granada, Nicaragua.

Ometepe Volcanoes Maderas Conception Nicaragua Photos

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