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I traveled in Nicaragua for the first time in the summer of 2006 with Erik the Pilot. These photographs are from Granada, Lake Nicaragua, and Ometepe Island where we stayed at the Finca Magdelena.

Volcano standing above Granada, Nicaragua.

Bald headed and bearded warrior from the Song Jiang's gang of rightous, merry men.

Colonial Granada, Nicaragua. I think the country did good to NOT make this nice town its capital. The capital cities of Central America - except Panama - are places for ruin an squalor. Granada is a good place.

Ferry boat from Rivas to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. The great inland Lake of Nicaragua once had sharks in it, but the Nicaraguans polluted it until they all died. 

The volcanoes of Ometepe Island rising out of the sea. You can climb these volcanoes.

Monkeys in the trees on Ometempe Island. Erik the Pilot and I were throwing stones at this tree to get some mangoes, and the monkeys were throwing sticks at us. We won though, because we eventually got a mango.

Pre-historic petraglyphs stone carvings on a rock by the Finca Magdalena on Ometempe Island in Nicaragua.

Erik the Pilot - my brother who I traveled through Central America with in the summer of 2006.

The Flora of Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

Rowboat on the shore of Lake Nicaragua on Ometepe near the Finca Magdalena. This is a good place to stay on the island, you can sleep in a hammock for a dollar.

Granada Ometepe Island Nicaragua Photos

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