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Hiking up Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

The misty view on the hike up the volcano.

Another picture of the scenery of the hike up Pacaya Volcano to look at the lave flows.

Tour group going up the Pacaya Volcano of Guatemala.

Guatemalan guides at the helm of this group of foreigners. They seem to really like their job. They just walk on up volcanoes all day. Not bad.

Guatemalan volcano guide shaking my hand after making it to the lava flow in the background.

The lava flowing out of the active Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

Red-hot lava running down the side of Pacaya Volcano.

Another picture of the lava on Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

Vietnamese travelers getting to the shoe-cooking zone on the Pacaya Volcano. Your shoes really do melt here.

Pacaya Volcano Guatemala Photos

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