Horseback riding Pacaya Volcano Guatemala


Horseback riding Pacaya Volcano Guatemala Photos    Horseback riding Pacaya Volcano Guatemala Pictures Travel Blog
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The following images were taken in the Antigua region of Guatemala in 2008. They are of fat house dogs, ruins of a church, a colonial arched doorway, more church ruins, kids selling sticks at Pacaya, and horse-back riding on the Pacaya Volcano.

Fat dog in the streets of Antigua. It can hardly walk.

Ruins of a colonial church on the outer edge of Antigua, Guatemala.

Window of an old colonial church.

Arched doorway of a red house in Antigua, Guatemala.

Old church still standing in Antigua.

Cool car in the streets of Guatemala near the market in Antigua.

Kids selling walking sticks for visitors to the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala. They try to get five quetzales for them and then when you come return from the lava flow they try to take them back.

Boy horse guide leading the way up Pacaya Volcano.It is easy to book a horseback riding tour of the Pacaya Volcano of Guatemala

Smiling boy on horseback ready to guide tourists up the Pacaya volcano.

Horse guides ready to take tourists for a horseback riding tour up Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala to look at the lava flows.

Horseback riding Pacaya Volcano Guatemala Photos

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