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Honduran Food and Water Photos    Honduran Food and Water Pictures

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Honduran food. Fried chicken, tortillas, and rice and beans.

Climbing a bridge in Honduras.

Honduran archaeologist drawing plan maps.

Toro the great excavator of Copan doing what he does best.

The Japanese bone specialist doing what he does best - studying bones.

A great water container holder. You cannot drink the tap water in Honduras so most homes, hotels, and hostels have bottled water shipped in by the five gallon jug. This is an example of the rack that is used to hold it. You just grab the protruding metal lever at the top right and pull it down until the nozzle of the bottle touches your glass and the water flows into it.

Honduran food - some gunk and rice.

The staple of all meals in Honduras - corn tortillas.

Sapo Rojo - Red Frog - Bar in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. This is the Copan ex-pat hangout. Good times, good people. Tell Dan that I say hello.

Sapo Rojo bar in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

Honduran Food and Water Photos
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