Archaeology at Copan, Honduras


Archaeology at Copan, Honduras Photos    Archaeology at Copan, Honduras Pictures Travel Blog
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Archaeology site near the Copan main cluster. This is where I worked with Lady the Tramp for the month of March 2008.

The plaza area of this residential part of Copan.

Archaeology at Copan, Honduras.

Archaeologists excavating at Copan.

Making discoveries in pre-history in Honduras.

Honduran food: fried chicken, salad, and fried bannas.

Archaeologist at Copan, Honduras excavating the ruins of the ancients.

Honduran man by the name of Toro who has been doing archaeology for the past forty years. This man was a good excavator and could definitely tell a good joke.

The Japanese bone specialist talking of the finer points of archaeology.

Macaws looking over Copan.

Archaeology at Copan, Honduras Photos
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