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I took these photographs during a cockfight in Copan Honduras which was a part of the Semana Santa celebration of 2008. This is the one legal cockfight that is allowed per year, the rest of them are held illegally in the hills and woods of the Honduran countryside. For more about this cockfight visit, At the Cockfight.  

Men getting their cocks ready for battle. Look at the concentration on this man's face as he attaches spurs to his fighting cock.

Preparing the rooster to fight. This is a complex process that entails hitting, pulling on, prodding, and kissing the rooster. The relationship between men and their cocks is very deep. The double-entendra is intentional, and, in essence, very literal.

Affixing spurs to the rooster before he fights, kills, and dies in the ring. This is the reality of a cockfight: the ring smells like blood and a rooster dies, men cheer and bets are paid out.

Putting razor sharp steel spurs on the leg of a rooster so that he can hack up his opponent - or be hacked up - in a ring surrounded by screaming, manacle Honduran men.

The place where the roosters are weighted. The cocks are classed by their size and weight to make for a good fight.

The razor spur that is attached to the rooster.

The action of a cockfight.

In the midst of the battle. Men as much as roosters are fighting here.

The Honduran cockfight is an event.

The cockfight ring is now ready for combatants and the mania of maleness at its most virile.

Cockfight in Honduras Photos
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