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Typical food in Portugal: a steak, French fries, fried eggs, and a Sagres beer. Good eating.

Swiss Army chocolate. I do not know how this is suppose to attach to the knife.

Portuguese food in Porto. I told Mira not to order any seafood, but she did not listen and got a big steaming bowl of octopus parts.

Mira eating octopus in Portugal. I am not sure if this is typical Portuguese food.

The octopus soup that could not be finished at a cheap restaurant in Porto.

Cacti grow all over the countryside of Portugal and their prickly pears are good to eat. Just stop on the side of the road, put on a glove, and pick them off of the cactus. Good free fruit.

Lady the Tramp demonstrating how to pick prickly pears in Portugal. Good free food for the traveling scavenger.

My favorite food in Portugal: a big bowl of muesli in the morning. If you buy the ingredients separately, this is a cheap breakfast option when traveling all over Europe.

Portuguese food at its finest: Sucette Rape Sour Lollys. I just thought that the name was funny. 

Portuguese fishermen discussing the days catch of fish. These guys go out every morning from the harbor in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal and come back with seafood.

Portuguese Food Photos
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