Indigenous Mayan Clothing Market


Indigenous Mayan Clothing Market Photos    Indigenous Mayan Clothing Market Pictures

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These are some images that I took of an indigenous Mayan clothing market in Panajachel, Guatemala in the spring of 2008. They are of women selling textiles, Guatemalan women's shirts and blouses, colorful fabric, and the market women selling their clothes. Go to Vagabond Journey Guatemala Photographs.

Guatemalan indigenous woman selling clothing at a market in Panajachel near Lake Atitlan.

Basket of Mayan clothes and textiles at the market. These sell for an expensive price here, and it is difficult to bargain. 

Indigenous Mayan blouses and shirts for sale in the market of Panajachel.

Picture of colorful Guatemalan women's shirts. These designs are more traditional and are pre-Spanish influence.

Mayan clothing and textiles market of Panajachel.

Mayan women selling traditional clothing in Guatemala.

Lady the Tramp and a Mayan women whom she just bought a piece of textile from. The woman asked to have her photo taken; I think this is usually requested by most tourists. It seemed like a common thing for foreigners to have their photo taken with the indigenous Mayan women subsequent to buying something from them. I think she thought that it was kind of odd that I was standing there with my camera but did not ask to take her photo. She remedied this by saying, "Take a picture of me, dummy!" and pulled Mira over by the arm so that we could seal the deal.

Hotel in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Fruit and vegetable market.

Flowers in Guatemala.

Indigenous Mayan Clothing Market Photos
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