Kayaking on Lake Atitlan Guatemala


Kayaking on Lake Atitlan Guatemala Photos    Kayaking on Lake Atitlan Guatemala Pictures

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Volcano San Pedro standing above the town that borrowed its name on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

The view of the beautiful Lake Atitlan in the morning.

Japanese hippy who sells vegetarian hamburgers on the main drag of San Pedro, Guatemala. They only cost eight quetzales - one dollar - and are the cheapest food in town.

Hippies in love in San Pedro.

The San Pedro volcano looking over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Photo taken from a kayak while having a good old time bouncing around in the waves.

Picture taken while in a kayak on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Kayaking on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

My sea kayak battling the waves of Lake Atitlan. This is fun and only costs a dollar thirty an hour.

Lady the Tramp kayaking on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Lady the Tramp in a kayak on this wonderful lake that is ringed with volcanoes.

Kayaking on Lake Atitlan Guatemala Photos
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