San Pedro Guatemala


San Pedro Guatemala Photos    San Pedro Guatemala Pictures

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These are a couple of Guatemalan friends that I made on the boat from Santiago Atitlan to San Jorge.

Another photo of Guatemalans.

The boat at dock in San Jorge.

The boat docks in San Jorge.

Boats in Guatemala.

Firewood that is used for fuel. I think this is a good sign, for at least there are still trees in Guatemala to cut down.

The Freedom Bar for Hippies in San Pedro. I hear that you can purchase a little freedom in there for 12 quetzals a bottle.

The hippy street of San Jorge, Guatemala. I think that a bunch of hippies came here in the sixties and never left.

The Restaurante El Fondeadero in San Pedro, Guatemala.

Lady the Tramp eating a curry potato burger made by a Japanese girl in the hippy section of San Pedro, Guatemala. This is the cheapest food that you can find.

San Pedro Guatemala Photos
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