Santiago Atitlan Mayan Guatemala


Santiago Atitlan Mayan Guatemala Photos    Santiago Atitlan Mayan Guatemala Pictures

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Mayan painting of a man with roosters in Guatemala.

Seafood restaurant in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. It is called El Pescador.

Mayan people in the village of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Car and shop window in Guatemala.

Mayan woman in traditional clothing.

Mayan man with traditional shorts and hat on.

Old beat up car in Guatemala. I assume it is still being driven.

The neighborhood surrounding the Hotel San Pablo in Santiago Atitlan Guatemala. This is a good place to stay.

Auto-rickshaws race through the streets of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Colorful paint on the walls of the houses of Santiago Atitlan.

Santiago Atitlan Mayan Guatemala Photos
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