Santiago Atitlan Guatemala


Santiago Atitlan Guatemala Photos    Santiago Atitlan Guatemala Pictures

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The streets of Santiago Atitlan. This is a real Guatemalan village.

Another picture of Santiago Atitlan.

Guatemalan woman standing out in front of her home. I showed this photo to my friends and they all knew the woman by name and laughed hysterically at me for taking it. 

Auto rickshaws zip through the streets of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

The mountains rise out of the background of this Mayan village. Many people here do not even speak Spanish, and their native language is an unwritten dialect of Mayan.

Chickens living on the roof of a home in Guatemala.

An example of a typical house in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Crates of old discarded bottles have been transformed into a railing on the roof of the Hotel San Pablo. I made a website for them in exchange for two free nights of accommodation. Visit it at Hotel San Pablo, Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

The people of the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala tend to rely on fire-wood as fuel. I take this as a good sign: for there at least there still has to be some

People walking down the streets in the village of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Santiago Atitlan Guatemala Photos
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