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Japanese style neck tattoo of an Aka Oni from Japanese literature and mythology. Done in Bangkok, Thailand.

Open Road is tattooed across my knuckles. This was done the first time in Buffalo, NY and then again in China. It needs at least another go. The inspiration for this was the Walt Whitman poem, Song of the Open Road. It is also the title of my Travel Blog.

My finger tattoos were done by a train hopping hobo named "Earl" who had his face covered with tattoos. They were done in the stick and poke style with a sewing needle and India ink. These were done in a punk house in Buffalo, New York.

Tattoo of a ship that was done in the paseos of Lima, Peru. The first time that this was done it was horrible. The artist was not yet very good. But it was re-done by another artist the next day and it turned out alright.

Krishna tattoo that was done in the south of France by Sergio Villagran, who is from Chile.

Pirate tattoo done by Mike Gutowski in Buffalo, New York.

This flower and banner tattoo was the result of loosing a bet with my best friend, Erik the Pilot. Who ever caught the first fish of the season got to pick out the worse tattoo he could find and the looser had to get it etched into his skin. I lost. Rory is the name of my brother in law. 

This is Mira from Lady the Tramp Woman's Travel Guide's first tattoo that she ever did with a machine. It is of a Tibetan Om.

My foot tattoos. These should be save for another story. Many people have put in their handiwork here.

Self-inflicted toe tattoo. Done with a sewing needle, thread, and India ink.

Tattoos of Vagabond Journey Photos
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