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Tattoo done in Lima, Peru by Enrique Petini at Arte Sagrado studio in 2001. It is of a Latin America wall mural. 

The back side of the wall mural. I had resist added because that word very much fit my disposition at the time. As one grow their tattoos remain unchanged - they are a good vantage point to look back at where one came from.

Lotus flow tattoo that was done in Hangzhou, China. This one did not heal very well and the artist had a really odd style. As Chinese people tend to be almost hairless, he did not shave off my arm hair. Consequently it kept getting tangled in his machine.

Japanese tattoo of a geisha (or dancing girl) done by Madoka of Cat Claw Tattoo in Kyoto, Japan.

Wood block image of a man in an apocalyptic smoke-stack world. Done in South Dakota.

Traditional style Mermaid tattoo done in Buffalo, New York. If you think it looks unfinished, I do too. I could not believe that the artist was finished when she put away the machine. "Are you going to finish it?" I asked. "It is finished," was the reply. When getting tattooed, make sure you stand your ground.

Buddhist tattoo from Buffalo New York. It is of Avolokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compasion.

Peony flower tattoo done in Hangzhou, China. This was the most unclean piece that I have ever gotten, and I suffered many side effects from it. When getting tattooed, you are in control! Do not let respect for a tattoo artist impeded you from protecting yourself.

Scars from the infection from this tattoo that I received in China under unsanitary conditions. I actually got up and walked out of the studio half way through because it was being done in such an unclean way.

Peony flowers from China.

Tattoos of Vagabond Journey Photos
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