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Tattoos of Vagabond Journey Photos    Tattoos of Vagabond Journey Pictures

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These are some photos of my tattoos. I figured that I would just show them once and for all and tell about them. As I travel the planet I mark myself with tattoo. Perhaps this is a way for me to mark my journeys, perhaps it is just to show myself how I am changing as I travel through the world.

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This tattoo of Krishna was done by Sergio Villagran, a Chilean tattoo artist who is currently working in France.

Peony flower tattoos that I received in the Khao San area of Bangkok Thailand by Mr. Tung. Good, cheap tattoos can be had in Bangkok  if you are willing to look around and fight for a good price. I went to one studio who tried to charge me $350 for this tattoo. I promptly walked out and went to Mr. Tung who did it for around $100.

Another photo of a red peony flower that was done in Bangkok Thailand.

Anarchist A tattoo done in Buffalo New York at Blue Moon Tattoo. This is a relic, and a reminder, of my younger days.

A Hero of the Water Margin (Suikoden) Japanese tattoo that was done in Canada.

Another tattoo of a bird skeleton by Sergio Villagran. This one was done in Santiago, Chile.

Tattoo by Sergio Villagran. Done in Chile.

Traditional style Anchor tattoo that was done in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Freedom tattoo from Indiana. This was only my third.

Hand tattoo done in Bangkok Thailand by Mr. Tung in the Khao San Road district. After he tattooed the peony flowers on my arm he grabbed my blank hand and said that he wanted it. I gave it to him, and he tattooed a beautiful Thai piece in his own style on it.

Tattoos of Vagabond Journey Photos
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