Fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam


Fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam Photos    Fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam Pictures

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The following photographs are of the people who fish and live in Halong Bay of Vietnam. I took these photos in the summer of 2007 while I was traveling through Southeast Asia. These people lived on floating houses right on the water and commute, fish, and get supplies completely by boat. They live their lives 100% on the water.

Dragon head carving on the tourist boats that ply the waters of Halong Bay.

Photograph of a Vietnamese woman rowing a bamboo boat.

Sunset over the spires of Halong Bay, Vietnam. This is a truly beautiful place, it is easy to get to, and the price for a multi day boat tour in the off season can also nearly meet a vagabond's budget.

Vietnamese fisherwoman feeding the sharks and other fish that she raises in pens around her floating home.

Vietnamese children feeding their family's stock fish.

Boat child living on the waters of Halong Bay.

Vietnamese fisherwomen selling fruits.

Pineapples for sale on the waves.

The boats that the Vietnamese sail in Halong Bay. It looks like these boats are made from woven bamboo. I cannot tell you how they stay afloat.

Fisherman on the waters.

Fishermen of Halong Bay Vietnam Photos
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