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I took the following photos of Halong Bay in Vietnam in the summer of 2007. There are photographs of Wade from Vagabond Journey, house boats, Vietnamese women selling fruits and vegetables on the bay, and fishermen. This area is easily accessible from Hanoi and other parts of the county.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com trying to look sexy amidst the water protruding cliffs of Vietnam.

Vietnamese houseboat floating on Halong Bay.

Photograph of a community of houseboats floating together. Entire villages live upon these waters.

Floating houses in a fisherman community.

Wade trying to look pretty again amongst a landscape that clearly pales him in comparison.


Floating house community. These fishermen live on the water all year round.

Vietnamese women selling fruits and vegetables in Halong Bay.

Man and woman fishing. I wonder what they think of us bozo tourist taking their picture. I think I know.

Photograph of a houseboat in Halong Bay.

The beauty of Vietnam.

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Halong Bay Vietnam Photos
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