Hanoi and Halong Bay Vietnam


Hanoi and Halong Bay Vietnam Photos    Hanoi and Halong Bay Vietnam Pictures

Travelogue Vagabond Journey Photographs

The following are photographs I took in the summer of 2007. There are photos of motorcycles in Hanoi, bicycle rickshaws, the beaches of Halong Bay, Vietnamese men, and fishing boats.

The busy streets of Hanoi.

Motorcycles and mopeds fill the streets of Vietnam.

Bicycle rickshaws peddling people around the city.

Motorcycles in Hanoi Vietnam.

Photograph of Vietnamese men at a gas station.

Vietnamese boys play on the beach of Halong Bay.

Chubby Vietnamese man on vacation with an inner-tube on the beach. He is a bit fatter than the average person here. I wonder if he knows it.

Fishing boats in Vietnam.

A wooden and bamboo boat floating on Halong Bay.

The boats that cruise around the bay and cart tourists.

Hanoi and Halong Bay Vietnam Photos
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