Markets in Antigua


Markets in Antigua Photos    Markets in Antigua Pictures

The following photographs were taken in Antigua Guatemala. They are of the artisan market, the general market, and a pretty girl with a pipe. All photos taken during the spring of 2008. Travel Blog Vagabond Journey Photographs

Carved wooden animals for sale in the Antigua Guatemala artisan market.

Carved and colorful wooden flutes in the Mayan arts market of Antigua.

Colorful toys that are souvenirs for tourist to Guatemala.

Interesting fellers in the artisan market.

More fellers in the market.

Pickup truck driving through the streets of Antigua.

Tourist walking hand-in-hand through Antigua.

Flowers in Guatemala.

CDs for sale in the market in Antigua Guatemala.

Mira from Lady the Tramp smoking a pipe at the hotel in Antigua Guatemala.

Markets in Antigua Photos
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