Mayan Textiles and Artisan Market


Mayan Textiles and Artisan Market Photos    Mayan Textiles and Artisan Market Pictures

Travelogue Vagabond Photographs

The following are Photographs from my walks through Antigua, Guatemala. These pictures are of street signs, indigenous crafts, Mayan textiles, mushrooms, keychains, and photos of Mayan artisans.

Sign on the main tourist street in Antigua.

Mayan arts and crafts in the artisan market.

Mayan textiles in the artisans market of Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemalan souvenirs for tourist to take home with them.

Photo of colorful Mayan textiles.

Mushrooms for sale in Antigua, Guatemala. I think that they are some kind of decoration, I am not sure if you are suppose to eat them.

Keychains in the Antigua craft market.

White tourist shopping for Mayan art in Antigua.

Colorful Mayan textiles.

Photos of the Mayan artisans who make these beautiful textiles.

Mayan Textiles and Artisan Market Photos
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