Guatemala Antigua Cheap Food


Guatemala Antigua Horse Carriages and Cheap Food Photos    Guatemala Antigua Horse Carriages and Cheap Food Pictures

Travelogue Vagabond Photographs

Guatemalan cowboys riding through Antigua.

Horse and carriage for a wedding in Antigua Guatemala.

A photo of a cowboy in Guatemala. I don't know if he is a real cowboy or if he just rustles up tourists. 

One bag in the front and another behind. Do you think they are filled with the same substance? Horse pulling a carriage in Antigua Guatemala.

Photo of a horse posing for the picture. These Guatemalan horses certainly are photogenic.

Don't walk! Photo crossing! This is the arch in Antigua that usually has tourist gathered around taking pictures.

Cheap food in Antigua Guatemala. For less than a dollar fifty you can get a filling lunch of chicken, tortillas, picante, rice, and a small salad. Guatemalan food is good.

Gallo Cerveza, which means cock beer. I think that the Guatemalan men who drink this beer could be compared with roosters.

Hotel El Cafetin Cafeteria in Antigua Guatemala, where you can get good cheap food for under a dollar fifty.

Poster for the cheap lunch at the Hotel Cafetin Cafeteria in Antigua Guatemala.

Guatemala Antigua Horse Carriages and Cheap Food Photos
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